Saturday, November 22, 2008

Up Yours! - Police and Thief...Piah takda kerjaaaa

Re: Kopikat Lagi

I've said this before and I am saying it again: Plagarism is unacceptable.

For this, I'm not gonna react too much on this post of yours, Piah.
Except to say that it still bothers me lah... it's not like they were your articles. Biar la the rightful owner yang buat perdendahan ni....apahal you sibuk2?

"Habis tu nak buat camner, the owner yg bagitau i .. suruh i expose this thing.."
-Probably what Piah would say lah.

Bagus la piah. Dah jadi "Blog Police" of some sort. Again, self proclaimed.

Beware o' you bloggers, those who have committed adultery and any sort of indiscretions... jgn expose kat blog. Nnt kena kantoi ngan Piah the Police. Nak meniru pon make sure la pandai2 adjust the ayat and all. Takut la dgn Piah. She is always there watching and reading every line, heck even between the lines and margins.

Piah said: "Kalau korang nak bacaan yang 'lebih menarik', pegi la lawat blog spinoff yang sedih tu. Ahaks. I think you all know which blog I'm talking about, since walaupun dia kata dia tak kisah orang tak pegi kat blog dia, tapi promosi kat sini bagai nak rak. Tak malu betul. Hahahaha.."
----> Yeah, i know you're talking about this blog. Mmg, i couldn't care less about the readership. As long as all those new readers of yours, whose souls are about to be corrupted by your evil writings, are aware that what you are doing is unethical. They should know that there are people here opposing you in this blog.

We want you to know how it feels like to be judged and criticised the whole time....

Btw, why do you care if there are Piah impostors out there using your name? You are writing equally horrible things about other ppl in your blog anyway.

It's like a rapist blaming his fellow rapist for using the same raping costume (or mask).

You Go Girl Piah!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Anti Climax - Memburung

I guess it was just a rumour after all. When i first read about Piah privatising her blog, i was kinda surprised and quite happy. I thought: atleast walaupun Piah still nak merapu, it will only be among themselves lah, the Piah&Co. Tapi when i tried to check her blog, ada jer pulak lagi, and siap ada new post about somebody god knows who. Mmg anti climax. You are such a teaser!

Probably she was rearranging a few stuff and adding a few furniture for her kaum. Ouh well.....

Re: Hek eleh......

Ok, first of all, i dont know this person that Piah referrred to as Army Capitaine aka Hansap Hanjeng dan Hazab. But if its really true that you guys exchanged msgs thru YM a few years back, that means you guys used to be frens? And if he is just a random guy yg msged you and everything, why must you save the conversation log? I didn't know YM's autosave log function can keep track up till years' worth of conversations.....

Piah dapat ilham maybe to save the script at that time so that she can use it for her latest post tadoy (or yesterday rather)? Is she making it up? I mean, why must you simpan conversation log with sumbody yg u tak suka? kan? unless you are planning to do sumthing bad... ish2.. busuk hati ni... or you mmg suka that person?

Whatever it is, i dont care. It is none of my business. Its between them two.

But what i hate about this post is that Piah seems to loooove to use the word "mengote" and "kote" and everything.... Eeeuuuwww. I hate that word. Geli siot. Macam minah kilang and rempit. You skolah mana dulu Piah?

I can't stand that word... I think those who actually use that word are the ones yang actually practice "mengote" a lot. What does it mean anyway? (I geli la, let's refer to that word as "memburung", nicer)

Well, the main thing is, Piah's post this time shows only one thing: She likes memburung.

Btw Piah, you must have seen, hold and measure his penis and a lot of other penises in order for you to make comparisons and label his as kecil or short.

You can estimate the size of women's breast from just looking at their chests, but you can't do the same towards men's penises. Kena bukak zip, pegang, make it erect, and then measure.....

She must have done that A LOT. Like i said, Piah&Co loves to memburung....

You Go Girl Piah!!

With apology to the guy referred here, i am not trying to insult you. Just Piah&Co.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Re: KakiCuriBahan

Little i have to say here. Plagarism is unacceptable. Totally. That bit i have to agree.

But are they doing it for profit or personal gain? not sure. So i guess it doesn't really matter. Unless of course if they copy your work. I'd be wind up for sure if its my work.

Yes. So if they dont copy your work, why you sibuk Piah? like they bother you so much? And since when it's your responsibility untuk dedah2 benda nih? eleh..... self proclaimed bitch. Mesti kau jealous takder orang nak copy your writings.... sebab apa yg kau tulis nih jijik...

Stop labelling ppl bajet alim and bagi ceramah n what not. Since when giving advice and conducting righteous reasoning have become acts of crime?

Re: Terpakai dan Terbongkar

You got the info about the BMW guy from the Musang blog, no? You dont know the BMW guy. Apsal kau sibuk lagi ni?

He has a second hand car. What's the big deal? be it BMW or kancil. Its just a car. That doesn't mean he is trying to berlagak. Is he not allowed to show off his car? Its not like he pasted the pic of his car in your blog and try to win you over with it or sumthing. And if all the girls terpikat because of the car pon so what? are you jealous coz you tried and he didn't entertain you Piah?

Btw, how do you know that he has grey pubic hair? Euuww... dont tell me you've stuffed your head down his crotch before and learnt about it...

Lantak la Musang tulis apa kat blog dia pasal BMW tuh, yang kau sibuk nak rewrite the story apahal? Unless you've actually had a personal experience with the guy, takyah nak sibuk k. Even if you have pon, its still irrelevent to the whole world lah...

Well. I dont think it is at all too bad to date a guy who drives a second hand beemer. Ada gak kereta. Better than dating a girl with a second hand vagina... euuwww. Like yours perhaps Piah?

Re: Buak Gapo Mung

Piah wrote: "Wah Wah, sakan korang ya. Bila aku tulis pasal benda baik-baik, korunk takde pun kan nak ...blablablablab.... This goes to show one thing lah kan? People love dirt and goss. Tak yah lah nak maintain solehah."--> Only people like you love dirt and tahi orang k. Tolong jgn generalise. That's an obvious sign of a narrow mind tau......

Piah wrote: "Lepas tu ada pulak yang letak blog anti-Piah ni. Congratulations to you. Mungkin hits kat anti-piah tu lebih tinggi than your real blog." ---> sorry to disappoint you dear, but i dont have any other blog. This is my first. So how do you think i am doing for my first time? ok tak?

Again in this post you are making fun of other ppl kan? hmmm. Pelik la... best sgt ke tgk2 and main2 taik orang? Esp when orang tuh dah buang tahi dia,. gali lobang and tanam tahi tu elok2... Then tetiba you come along and gali balik tahi dia tuh..and parade it satu kampung.. psycho!

That guy is trying to change, so let him be. You kutuk dia bila dia buat tak elok.. then when he finally repented and do good deeds you still make fun of him. Mulut kau celupar sgt k...atleast dia nak berubah.. kau tuh?

Mesti sebab he never actually ngorat you.... you tak puas hati kan?

I wonder lah, what did he actually do to you huh? sigh**..... Orang dah try nak jadi baik pon kau still nak sangsi dgn tujuan dia.. niat dia... you still want to judge him... you still nak cari apa muslihat dia......

You are not God to be concerned about ppl's intention, sincerity and sin.

Sorry la Piah, cuma orang yang busuk hati jer yg sentiasa buat benda and buat decision dgn muslihat dan niat jahat... Kau macam menunjukkan sifat itu.....

Just because he is transparent with his personal life. Kau nak attack dia..... Cuba kalau orang tau personal life kau and write a blog about it. Kau suka ke? kau tak sakit hati?

Mungkin kau jawab.. elehh, aku tak kisah. aku open minded. aku boleh terima.

Then show your true self. Potray your real identity. Let ppl know who you are and your life......
Apsal? tak berani? Dasar tak sedar diri....

Sorry Piah i emo malam ni. I banyak kerja tadi, and semua kerja tak jadi........
Take care.. muah!

You Go Girl Piah!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Code

I am so sorry Piah. I masih belum dapat review and criticise your rubbish entries. But i will try k? Tunggu tau. Muah!

For now i want to tell you my code of conduct and disclaimer here:

1) My entries will focus on condemning Piah&CO only. And nothing else.

2) I don't post comments here in this blog. Takyah tuduh2 aku buat comments kat sini.

3) I don't reply to any comments posted here. Aku baca jer la kot sikit2.

4) The comments yg aku post kat Piah's blog are limited to spams promoting this blog. Nothing else. Kalau aku nak kutuk Piah&Co, i buat entry kat sini.

5) I have no intention and interest in knowing anybody's indentity (including Piah&Co's). So takyah la korang nak takut2 and paranoid2 nak comment kat sini. Dont flatter youselves too much kayy.

6) I will only curse and mencarut benda2 yg menunjukkan sifat. Benda2 yang takde kena mengena ngan sifat macam babi, pantat, cibai, pukimak kau etc aku malas nak guna. Aku guna benda macam Bodoh, sundal, lahanat etc.

7) This blog is neither for fun nor hobby. It is not intented to be entertaining. I am not trying to gain popularity. I dont care if ppl read this blog or not, hence the absence of a hit counter in this blog.

8) I am not in anyway related to the ppl yg blognya dikutuk oleh piah (so far). I sendiri tak pernah dikutuk oleh piah. So stop guessing me as somebody yg pernah dikenakan oleh piah.

9) I will only stop if Piah stops.

-You Go Girl Piah!!

Mulut Piah, Mulut Jahanam!

Second Day

Its only the second day and i am already tired and bored with this. What the hell am i doing? why i layan minah gila Piah ni? Usually when i come across blogs or ppl macam piah nih, i will just give her the look and totally ignore her.

I dont think her writings are at all interesting. Partly because i hate listening to gossips and knowing others' dirt that are totally irrelevent to me.

Hidup aku takde la empty sgt sampai taik orang boleh menceriakan hari aku, pagi, tgh hari dan malam.*

(*Sila check blog piah for posts on 18th Nov, kerja dia celik mata at 7am terus taruk post baru. Tgh hari 12pm post lagi. Malam lepas dinner 10pm, buat lagi post. And she blog hops in between those times. Curses each time blog yg scandalous dah tutp kedai. Bodoh and sgt pathetic.)

But i have to do this. Aku dah lemas ngan orang macam nih. Piah and her blogs (and of course her fans as well, i'll refer to them as Piah&Co lah senang) is a classic example of orang yg suka jaga tepi kain orang, pastuh sibukkkkk jer nak heboh satu kampung. I have ppl like this in the office. Semuanya aku snub depan2 muka. Semua dah takut ngan aku. Kerja tak productive, sibuk nak gossip jer.

Aku kesian kat orang2 yang dikutuk oleh Piah&Co. I am not saying that what those ppl do and write on their blogs are acceptable. Some are degrading even. But do you have to kecoh2 kan satu dunia and make judgements, comments and assumptions about them? Piah&Co are putting themselves lower....... pity you all.

Masa aku sgt la berharga nak jaga family aku, contribute to the country, or even to the whole world. But i have to do this. That is why i will only only post once a day during odd hours when my main responsibilities can be put aside.

- You Go Girl Piah!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's start Piah!

I wanna start commenting on Piah. But then I had one of those writer's block. No.
I am just not used to saying bad things about other ppl to tell you the truth. Fine, I do have my own thoughts and judgements about others. But i keep it up there, held air-tight within my cranium.

I don't see ppl, talk bad and feel good.
I see ppl, I think, I berangan, and then I feel good and smile.

Hmm. I personally tak kenal Piah. So I guess that makes it ok if i want to kutuk her. I dont know which post of hers should i cover first? Seems like every word she writes stings (and stinks).

She has just started her comment-moderation-hatred-club blog around early of this month i would guess. tapi dah banyakkk pulak post dia. She must be enjoying herself kan.

Plus all her readers are encouraging her like crazy. i am not surprised tho. They are all low life morons. The type of ppl that would watch Jerry Springer on the cable day in day out. Or even buy the Official Akademi Fantasia's Fanzine every fourthnight or so.

Sorry, i tak cakap moron kat semua yg baca blog dia. i cakap moron kat orang yang baca and leave comments yg encourage budak Piah nih mengumpat. Korang morons.

14 post Piah. I am not gonna cover all 14 posts of yours to date...... I will cover your next post. hehehe:)

So i just dedicate this post for commenting on the sort of person you must be. Or atleast how i imagine you might be. Consider this my first personal attack on you. So i will list down 5 things that fits you! enjoy...


1) You must be moderately ugly
2) You are having problem paying for your car loan
3) The only part of your body that you love is your tongue
4) You speak like as if the world care
5) You have repulsive natural body odour

There you go.....

-You Go Girl Piah!!

Love at first sight

With Piah Zadora. It's really is "love" at first sight........ of her blog.

I love the fact that Cik Piah ni have the balls to write down her random evil thoughts.

What kills me is that those evil thoughts somehow are rendered by her hatred and sourness against other ppls blogs. The things and the way she says it, are just utter cruelty.

Her comments and reviews aside - the personal attacks that she bombards are unbearable.

It must be disgusting to know her personally. Kalau aku, aku tak nak ada kawan mulut macam si Piah ni.

She just can't get enough of bitching about what ppl are posting in their blogs. Not sure if she is driven by her personal nature of bitching her ass off all day long? or envy? loneliness maybe? But i bet si Piah ni mmg orangnya macam ni, even when she is not blogging. Obviously her past time hobby is blog hopping while leaving one or two smart-ass and degrading remarks and comments before continuing hopping. Bitch.

It seemed that leaving bitchy comments is not enough lah recently, that she has to launch her own blog dedicated in "reviewing" other ppl's blogs and bitching about them. And who give her the right huh? Ouh, i see..... freedom of speech eh? Suka hati kau la eh? But then suka hati diorang la nak ada blog macam mana pon and nak tulis pasal apa pon......

Fine Cik Piah. Oleh kerana you are so rajin and kind hearted to generate free publicity by reviewing other blogs, nah amik, this blog is dedicated on reviewing and condemning your every single post.

Nah, baru kau tau sekarang apa rasa tulis2 blog then ada orang kat belakang kutuk2 kuat2 guna hailer.

-You lompat, I lompat jugak Girl Piah!!